AGM and Summer Party

In keeping with the vagaries of Montreal’s June weather, the ICCC’s AGM was held upstairs in Hurley’s Irish Pub in the evening of June 10, 2015. President Vivian Doyle-Kelly extended his thanks for their valuable contribution to board members David O’Neill and Jim Kellett who had completed their terms of office. David, who had served as treasurer for several years, was instrumental in setting up the trade committee, introducing online payment and moving the accounts to a new software platform. New board member Joe Kinsella now joins Paul Dunne and Mary-Jeanne Phelan in assuming new roles on the board roster.

In his summary of activities for 2014, the president highlighted the extension of the monthly Craic agus Combrá to welcome new arrivals from Ireland in collaboration with the other Irish societies. A DFA grant will be used to define a virtual “supply and demand” platform for job opportunities and seekers. In addition to social networking evenings, the chamber hosted a two-day trade delegation from Ireland in October.

During his presentation of the 2014 results, treasurer Ken Anderson noted the chamber’s sound financial footing and the options that it affords the ICCC in carrying out its commercial objectives.

The year 2015 is shaping up well: we have more corporate members year on year and are investigating several opportunities for Ireland-Quebec trade missions. A plan to define the chamber’s strategic direction for the 2015/2016 year is underway and will be rolled out following a series of summer and autumn workshops.