Eco-Watt Inc.

Electricity represents a substantial cost to businesses. Boosting efficiencies within electrical systems has the potential to significantly reduce this cost and enable companies to meet their environmental goals.

Eco-Watt offers a range of proven energy saving technologies. Each project is custom-designed, with savings that are guaranteed. We provide innovative, turnkey energy reduction solutions that deliver up to 20 years of maintenance-free performance. We install world-class technologies that meet or exceed international safety standards.

Our unique approach is built on the philosophy that saving energy is good for the bottom line and for the planet. It’s money in the bank and energy for the future.
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Vivian Doyle-Kelly
TCI Renewables

TCI Renewables is a leading independent renewable energy business that develops wind energy projects across the UK and North America. The company has a track record in developing both merchant (behind the meter) wind projects for major clients and also medium to large scale green field sites. In Northern Ireland the company has now gained over 100 MW of successful planning consents and in Canada the company has successfully developed 325 MW from greenfield through to gaining power supply contracts with both Hydro Quebec Distribution and the Ontario Power Authority. Of these projects approximately 191 MW was in construction as of the last quarter of 2012.
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Mark Gallagher