ICCC New Member - Joe Kinsella

Joe Kinsella

Originally from an agricultural-business background, Joe Kinsella qualified as a chartered accountant in Ireland while working with the accountancy firms of Baker Tilly and PricewaterhouseCoopers. After eight years in practice, Joe went on to run his family agri-business in Wicklow, opening up his own parallel accountancy practice in 2008, which still continues.

Prompted by a career move of his wife and with some gentle persuasion, Joe moved to Montreal in June 2014 and since his arrival has been engaged in developing business interests through his links in Ireland in Canada. Presently, he is working with Metro on importing Irish food products to Quebec as well as other ventures.


ICCC New Member - John Brereton

John Brereton

Dubliner John Brereton arrived in Canada in 2011 on a one-year mandate to change the direction of the Halifax-based subsidiary of a British company called Wind Prospect. The following year, he and a fellow director acquired Wind Prospect together with the Apold family and folded it into Apold’s Natural Resources firm. John now serves as president at Natural Forces, a Halifax-based company dedicated to developing and maintaining wind power in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and British Columbia.

In his current position, John draws from over 13 years’ experience in the wind industry, amounting to more than 35 projects ranging from <1MW to >100MW projects in Europe and North America. Natural Forces has built its business model around developing renewable energy projects with community ownership.  Over the past three years, it has raised some $14 million from 1,400 local community members for its Nova Scotia projects.  In addition, the 10-employee company has inked a number of First Nation partnerships where it develops projects with First Nation ownership.

John graduated from University College, Dublin in 1997 with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. To reconcile work and family life, he commutes to Halifax once a month from Ireland.


ICCC New Member - Niall O'Kelly

Niall O'Kelly

Niall prides himself on providing clients with straightforward advice that leads to excellent results.  He is a people person and enjoys interacting with clients and being a partner in their success.  His practice centers on labour, CSST, estates, and corporate/commercial legal issues.  He regularly advises clients on wrongful dismissal, employment contracts, estates/successions, and corporate issues.  His clients include large organizations, businesses, and individuals.

Niall puts his clients first and believes that every client deserves to be treated like a priority, regardless of whether they are big or small.  Niall’s experience includes many significant negotiations, estates, and transactions.  More importantly, Niall is proud of the fact that each of his clients receives the same excellent services and thorough advice, regardless of their size or the volume of services they require.

Niall is proud to announce that both OLS Avocats and Orenstein & Associates have joined the International Network of Boutique Law Firms. This has enabled them to provide advice and services with an even larger global reach.